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Our history

Throughout the years, we have managed to gather international professionals from the highest level. This multidisciplinary team has the ability to provide the necessary solutions to the most ambitious and avant-garde projects in the new challenges of our time.


We have an international network of companies to build the future in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa.

What we do

We have the ability to successfully complete all your projects. From providing the most advanced technology through the professional analysis with state-of-the-art engineering, to obtaining the financing necessary for your projects with the best commercial conditions in the international market.



November 4, 2016
The Paris Agreement

Today, 2024
Lonko International Group actively works on helping the environment and our future

March 21, 1994
UNFCC becomes effective

November 6-18, 2022
United Nations Climate Change Conference

Through proven technologies around the world, LONKO International Group offers quality solutions, backed by world-renowned corporations. 

Montagnes vertes



Montreal, Canada

Boston, United States

Mexico City, Mexico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bogota, Colombia

Quito, Ecuador

Lima, Peru

Valencia, Spain

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